Historical Rehab

Oklahoma City has what they refer to as  the “historic districts in Oklahoma City (presently called Historic Landmark Districts or Historic Preservation Districts.” They also have a document known as the “Preservation Guidelines and Standards.”  Inside this document the city discusses the following: “The city’s historic preservation ordinance acknowledges that the historic districts are valuable assets to the city. The ordinance recognizes that change is important to the community’s evolution and an indication of healthy, vital neighborhoods occupied by residents proud of their neighborhood and its history. Development and investment that enhances the character and livability of Oklahoma City’s Historic Districts is encouraged, and these Preservation Guidelines and Standards have been designed to help improve any proposed building projects in the districts.”

Since the city has these Preservation and Guidelines Standards in place, contractors performing work on these types of homes in OKC need to be aware of these preservation and guidelines standards. So, you can image when one of these homeowners wants to renovate their historical home, (especially the side facing the street) that just no contractor will fit the bill.

So, this delicate work must be done by a company that is somewhat of an expert in this type construction. That company would also need to know something about these guidelines in order to complete this type of work on a historic landmark. Well, the Perrine Home Design team has that expertise and did just that. They completed a project that required extensive work not only renovating the front face of a historical home, but also one of the sides. And they totally built an add-on porch that would need to look like it has been since the house was built.  Well enough talk, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so let’s get to the action!

By the way, if the city and the owners of such a historical preservation trust the Perrine Home Design team to complete such a delicate renovation, shouldn’t you with your special project? Something to think about when choosing contractors.




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